Keyers / Paddles

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Model Image Description
603 603.jpg KR1B, Dual Lever Paddle / Keyer
604 604.jpg Dual Lever Paddle / Keyer
605 605.jpg Single Lever Paddle / Keyer
606 606.jpg Single Lever Paddle / Keyer, Curtis Chip
607 607.jpg Key, Single Lever Paddle
645 645.jpg Dual Lever Paddle / Keyer, Matches Omni C & D
670 670.jpg Single Lever Paddle / Keyer for Century 21 Models 570 & 574
679 Keyer Board for Century 22
KA20 Same as Model KR20 Keyer without the paddles
KA40 Same as Model KR40 Keyer without the paddles
KR1 Paddle mechanism used in KR40
KR1A Paddle mechanism used in KR50
KR2 Single Lever Paddle mechanism used in KR5
KR2A kr2a.jpg Single Lever Paddle, Cream Color
KR5 Single lever paddle / keyer
KR5A Single lever paddle / keyer
KR6 Dual Lever Paddle / Keyer
KR20 kr20.jpg Dual Lever Paddle / Keyer
KR20A kr20a.jpg Single Lever Keyer / Paddle
KR40 kr40.jpg Dual Lever Paddle / Keyer
KR40A Dual Lever Paddle / Keyer
KR50 kr50.jpg Ultramatic Dual Lever Paddle / Keyer
R9109 vibpaddleleft.jpg Limited Edition Ten-Tec / Vibroplex Iambic Paddle
R9141 r9141.jpg Limited Edition Ten-Tec / Bencher 40th Anniversary Iambic Paddle

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