Keyer / Paddle Model KR20


The KR-20 provides crisp easy-to-copy CW at all speeds without operator fatigue. The paddle assembly incorporates a linear magnetic paddle return. Return force is adjusted by two front panel knobs which move magnetic shorting bars. Each paddle can be set individually to optimum tension. Paddles can be canted for the most comfortable position. Contact spacing is adjusted through holes in the top of the case.


  • Keyed Time Base: Each character starts immediately when the paddle is actuated. A momentary closure of either paddle is all that is necessary to form a complete character.
  • Weight Ratio: The traditional keyer has a dit-to-dah ratio of 1:3. A space has the same length as a dit. This dit-dah-space ration is fairly smooth at higher speeds, but becomes choppy at speeds below 25 wpm. Accordingly, we have incorporated a character-to-space ration extender to suit individual preference. The monitor, however, has the conventional 1:3 ratio.
  • Monitor: A built-in monitor provides a side tone for feeding headphones or speaker. Volume and frequency of 600-1500 Hz is adjustable to suit the operator's taste. This also can be used for off-the-air code practice. For high impedance receiver input use a 220,000 ohm resistor in series with the monitor lead.
  • Output: The output is handled by a reed relay. Rated at 15 volt-amps, it will key all regularly used keying circuits. The maximum keying voltage is 400 volts.
  • Speed: A single control, tapered to provide linear adjustment, varies the speed from 6-60 words per minute.
  • Electrical: The KR-20 circuitry is completely solide state. It emplys one dual JK integrated circuit, nine silicone transistors, and eight silicon diodes. power source is 105-125 volts at 0.125 amperes, 50-60 Hz. Push-on, push-off switch with pilot light. Line cord: 5'.
  • Mechanical: The chasis is rigid steel. Cycolac® molded side panels have recessed wood grain finish. Nylon paddles are shaped for comfortable operation over long periods.
  • Dimensions: 2-1/2" high x 4-3/4" wide x 8" deep.
  • Weight: 2-1/2 pounds.

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