Keyer / Paddle Model KR5-A


Similar to KR20-A but without side-tone oscillator or AC power supply. Solid state, integrated circuit electronic keyer incorporating a reed relay as the actual keying component. Features self-completing dits and dahs, preset weighting for optimum articulation in the most used speed range, an over-ride button switch for transmitter tune-up, QRS sending or emphasis, DC operation from 6 to 14 volts and plug-in PC board for easy servicing.


  • Keyed Output: Reed Relay; 15 volt-amp contacts, 400 volts, max.
  • Speed Range: 6 to 50 WPM.
  • Time Base: Keyed to start with paddle actuation.
  • Character Generation: Self-completing dits and dahs.
  • Weighting: Dit length increased approx. 10% @ 20 WPM. (Can be changed internally.)
  • Power: 6 to 14 VDC, 75 - 140 mA.
  • Paddle: Single molded plastic with adjustable contact spacing.
  • Semiconductors: 1 Integrated Circuit, 6 transistors, 10 Diodes.
  • Size: HWD 2" x 4" x 6".
  • Weight: 1 lb, 8 oz.

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