Keyer Paddle Model KR-1


The Model KR-1 keyer paddle assembly is used in the KR-20 complete keyer. The actuation paddles are mounted on torque bars which multiply the forces acting on the make-break contacts.

To return the paddle after a contact has been made (dit or dah) an ingenious magnetic structure provides the return force. Adjustment knobs on the front panel vary the position of shorting bars which attenuates the return force on the individual paddles. Each paddle can be set to suit individual taste.

Contact spacing is adjustable through access holes in the top of the case.

In operating, there is a slight "click" which most experienced CW operators like. It seems to eliminate the "softness" and lack of control often associated with key paddles. Yet, actuation can be made with just a few grams of force.

The KR-1 can be used with either squeeze or conventional keying circuits. The entire assembly is housed in a attractive aluminum case.

Size: 2" x 4-1/2" x 6". Weight: 1 pound.

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