Keyer / Paddle Model KR5


The KR-5 provides low cost action usually associated with higher-priced instruments. Power must be supplied by a 6 or 12 volt battery or an a.c. operated 6 or 12 volt d.c. supply. Tension is pre-adjusted for optimum actuation force and return time. The molded paddles fit the thumb and forefingers of all hand sizes.



  • Time Base: Characters start immediately when the paddle is actuated. A momentary closure of the paddle is all that is needed to form a complete character.
  • Weight Ratio: To enhance the quality of transmission and to give it smoothness and rhythm at low speeds (below 25 wmp) a weighting factor is built-in. This is controlled by one resistor and may be changed by the owner if a different factor is desired, such as continued high-speed operation above 35 wpm.
  • Monitor: No monitor is provided. However, the AC2 can be connected to an output jack located on the rear panel.
  • Output: The output is handled by a reed relay. Rated at 15 volt-amps, it will key all regularly used keying circuits. The maximum keying voltage is 400 volts.
  • Speed Control: A single control, tapered to give easy adjustment, varies the speed from 6 - 60 wpm. Contact spacing is made on the front panel. Anti-vibration locks are provided.
  • Electrical: The KR-5 circuitry is completely solid-state. It employs one dual JK integrated ciruit, six silicon transistors, and seven silicon diodes. Pwer required (not furnished) is 6 volts d.c. at 150 m.a. or 12 volts d.c. at 200 m.a. An a.c. operated 6 or 12 volt d.c. source can be used.
  • Mechanical: The case is formed aluminum finished in durable backed enamel. Plastic parts are molded high-impact Cycolac®.
  • Size: 2" high x 4" wide x 6" deep.
  • Weight: 1 pound, 6 ounces.

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