Removal of the Omni VI Plus Low-Pass Filter Board

1)Remove the top and bottom covers.

2)Remove the bottom “inner cover.”

3)Remove the top “inner cover.” (It’s along the back of the unit and includes thespeaker plate)

4)Unplug J13 and J17, and remove the 3 screws at top the edge of the board.

5)Turn the unit over and unplug J8 and J14, and remove the 3 screws at the bottom edge of the board.

6)Cut the tie-wrap holding the J14 harness and the J17 coax. Also remove thenearby double-sided tape.

7)With the rig still upside down, remove the board far enough to unplug J12 and then J7, J9, and J11.

Note:To work on the board (i.e. Replace relays, etc.) the white coaxial cables can be left in place.

Note: don't try to figure out which one of the pair is bad. Just change 'em both.

(Posted by Joe Papworth to Ten-Tec reflector July 8, 2015)

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