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The TenTecWiki was established to provide a reference for new and used Ten-Tec amateur radio equipment. With a Wiki everyone can easily contribute and keep the pages updated. It is hoped the Ten-Tec user community will join in and make the TenTecWiki a success by adding pages, updating & correcting existing pages, adding photographs, providing links, etc.

The TenTecWiki was inspired by The Unofficial TenTec Pages by J.B. Edmonds, N4NQY. Unfortunately, The Unofficial TenTec Pages have not been updated since around 2002. The TenTecWiki used The Unofficial TenTec Pages as a starting point. Without the previous work of N4NQY the TenTecWiki project would have been impossible.

The TenTecWiki is not associated with or sponsored by Ten-Tec, Incorporated.

The inventor of the wiki is Ward Cunningham who is also K9OX. According to one of Ward's wiki pages he runs a Ten-Tec Scout Model 555.


  • Alan Sewell N5NA
  • Barry Gross N1EU

TenTecWiki Sysops

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