Orion Low RF Output when first turned on

From the Ten-Tec Reflector August 13, 2013, posted by NE7X


I noticed when the radio was first powered on and transmit keyed, there was only about 5 watts of RF output. However after about 1 or 2 minutes it had full RF power output. I did not give it much thought. As time went on, months and months, the issue went to 2 minutes, then to 3 minutes, then to 4 minutes, until it became over 15 and sometimes up to 20 minutes. Once it does finally come up to full 100 watts RF output power, its works solid. Power stays up, even during long contest weekends. I have also observed, when the Orion-II is only putting out 5 watt, the RF meter indicates zero, and in FM mode, it puts out about 10 watts.


Using a heat gun with a ¼ inch nozzle and some freeze spray coolant I was able to find the issue. When heating and cooling the three small blue color plastic trimmer pots labeled ALC, RF and REF on the A5 board (board under speaker), the problem would come and go, like turning on/off a switch. Using some electronic contact spray cleaner while rotating the pot wipers back-n-forward a ¼ turn, it resolved the issue. Now when using heat and coolant, the transmitter stays 100% 100 watts RF output. Using a dummy load and RF watt meter, I reset the RF output back to 100 watts full scale. NOTE: You can adjust the RF section up to 140 watts output. I decided not to do so in concern the RF outputs may overhead and have a shorter life.

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