CW Practice Keying on the Omni VI+

From the Ten-Tec Reflector January 3, 1999

Jim, W5ODD, asked how to key the Omni 6 in cw without going out on the air. K8VY, Carter, passed this info along on the reflector some time last year. I have tried it and it works on my rig. I have the Omni VI Plus, new this past summer. Don't know if that makes a difference in weather or not it will work on other Omnis.

To send morse code without transmitting over the air:

  • First, press the cw button to get in cw mode.
  • Then press the ST button. The side tone will start up.
  • Then press the CW button. The side tone will stop, and you can then send using your key, without sending out over the air. While in this mode the panel top right hand corner above the clock reads "52".

To end the session and return to normal:

  • First press the ST button and then the USB button.
  • Now the panel top right hand corner should be blank again.

Jim, hope this is what you were looking for. Thank Carter K8VT for the info.

Pete, NO2D

From the Ten Tec Reflector January 4, 1999

My Omni VI is upgrade 2. It shows slightly different indications:

The digits above the "clock" indicate the speed the keyer is set for and the "clock" indicates the weighting the keyer is set for (110% [1.10]) in my case. Also, I don't need to press USB when going back to normal operation.



Charles W. Shaw, N5UL

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