Model 2591 Transceiver Basic Operation

From the Ten-Tec Reflector October 10, 2001

Here is the basic operation for the 2591 HT.

  • Clear the display: It is best to start with the display showing all zeros. Push C a few times to get to a 0000 readout and stop any scans.
  • Frequency selection: Simply key in the last four digits. My local repeater is 146.775, so I just enter 4775. 146.52 would be 6520.
  • Offset selection: The little +/S/- switch on the top does the trick.
  • Memorize a frequency and offset: Enter a frequency, set the offset switch, then push F(function), MR(Memory Recall) and the memory(1-9) you want to put it in . Pushing F accesses the secondary of the MR button, which is MW (Memory Write). This works for memories 1 thru 9. The offsets ARE memorized. Memory 0 can do an odd split but I can't remember how to do it right now.
  • Recall a frequency and offset: Push MR (memory recall) then the desired memory number.
  • Display Toggle: Push F then C (clear) to access the secondary function CH (Channel) This switches the display between memorized frequency and memorized channel.
  • Memory Scan: Push MS (memory scan) and off you go.
  • Memory Scan Cancel: Push C to cancel.
  • Memory Lockout: Push F then F again to get the secondary function of ML (memory lockout), then the channel number of the memory you want to lock out. Scanning will now skip that channel.
  • Memory Lockout Cancel: Push F, then 9 to access the secondary function LC (lockout cancel)
  • Scanning a frequency range, AKA Program Scan:
    • Set lower scan limit: Key in desired limit, then push F then the down arrow key. The F key selects the LWR (lower limit) secondary function.
    • Set upper scan limit: Key in desired limit, then push F then the up arrow key. The F key selects the UPR (upper limit) secondary function.
    • Set scan step: Push F, then 0 to access the secondary function STEP. Then use the up arrow key to step through the available settings (5/10/15/25/30.) I'm not sure, but I think you then push F 0 again to memorize the scan step.
    • Start a program scan: After you have a freq range and step set up, push F then MS to access the secondary function PS (program scan)
    • Stop a scan: Keying the HT stops any scan.
    • You can also run the frequency up or down by using the up or down arrow keys.
    • The Hold/Skip (Tone) switch works when you scan. Hold pauses the scan until the carrier drops. Skip lets the scan continue after a few seconds. Tone was intended to be used to turn an internal PL on and off, but that never happened.

When you compare this to the convoluted programming procedures of the other HTs of this era, this one is very intuitive once you figure out what the key legends mean.

Hope this helps,

73 de KD9BO Steve

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