Using the 257 With an Omni Transceiver

From the Ten-Tec Reflector - February 23, 2008

Hello to all,

I recently purchased a used tentec 257 voice synth. to put in my omni V1+ that came out of a paragon.It will not work in the omni and manual says to contact factory to get modifications if it came out of any transceiver other than a model 563 or 564.Problem is factory tech that used to look after these no longer is with tentec so they can't tell me what to do as they didn't keep records of mods.Can any one help me with this?I need the mod to make it work.Thanks for reading.

Wayne VE1ACB

Others may be interested in this. Here's what Ten-Tec told me: "If there is a diode just to the left of the MC74HC573 chip (third connection on the left of the edge card) place a jumper across it. Depending on the model of the rig, there will be one diode, two diodes or a jumper. The Omni series require a jumper for proper readout."

This worked for me.

Carl, K4SEV

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