Power-Mite 3A Model PM 3A


The Power-Mite 3A is the same as the Power-Mite 3 with the addition of break-in keying with adjustable delay. The Power-Mite 3A has four circuit boards with VFO transmit and receive on 40 and 20 meters and sidetone.

The receiver is comprised of a variable oscillator operating on the received frequency, a mixer and high gain audio amplifier. The received signal is converted directly to audio where a filter eliminates undesirable signals, and then amplified to headphone level by a high gain audio amplifier. The variable oscillator covers 7.0 to 7.3 MHz for 40 meter operation and is doubled to 14.0 to 14.6 MHz to cover 20 meters.

The transmitter, driven from the same oscillator-multiplier used for receiving, has an isolation stage, driver and push-pull final amplifier. It is keyed in the buffer stage. The output circuit is a Pi network to match 50-75 ohm unbalanced loads. A side-tone oscillator with variable frequency and volume is keyed along with the buffer stage.


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Sales Information


  • Frequency Range: 7.0 - 7.3 MHz, 14.0 - 14.6 MHz.
  • Size: 4" H, 10-1/8" W, 7-1/2" D. Shipping weight: 4lbs.
  • Finish: Baked enamel with Cycolac sidepanels and wood grain inserts
  • Power: 12 Volts 30 ma. on receive, 480 ma. on transmit
  • Semiconductor devices: 1 Dual gate MOSFET, 1 Integrated circuit, 10 Silicon transistors
  • Types of reception: CW - SSB – AM
  • Sensitivity: Less than one microvolt provides readable signal
  • Antenna input: 50-75 ohms
  • Selectivity: 2 KC at 6 db down points
  • Audio: Output impedance - 1000 ohms, frequency response - +/-3 db 200 Hz - 2500 Hz
  • Frequency stability: Less than 100 Hz drift
  • Transmitter: Power-5 watts input, output impedance 50-75 ohms, Pi network
  • Headphones: Front panel tip jacks are provided
  • Key: Phono jack is provided on rear apron

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