Difference Between the Omni A, B, & C Transceivers

From the Ten-Tec Reflector October 7, 2001

The Omni A and Omni D are only different with regards to the display. The Omni A is an analog display, the Omni D is a digital display.

The original Omni was not a series B. You could call it a series A but since there was no series B yet it was never called this. It had no provision for additional IF crystal filters. All the switchable filters were just audio filters. It also had a squelch control.

Then the series B came out. It added a board that allowed you to add 2 additional crystal filters. The switch for these filters replaced the squelch control. I believe an optional noise blanker was also added at this time. These radios had 10 mhz receive and there was an option to add 10 mhz transmit and 24 mhz transceive.

Finally, the Omni C came out. It was logically a seris C but it was never called this. It added the 18 mhz band to fill out all nine bands. It also allowed better control over the audio and crystal filters by having a separate switch for these. It also added and XIT control in addition to an RIT control. The Omni C only came in digital so one could call it it an Omni D series C although it was never actually called this.

Carl Moreschi N4PY

The A means Analog display
The D means digital display

The omnis were first available as a Omni A and Omni D. Same rig with a different readout.

On your list these are:
Omni A
Omni B

The second iteration was the series B. This was available in both analog and Digital display. On your list these are:
Omni A series B
Omni D Series B

Tentec also offered an upgrade kit to turn the originals into the B series. You can tell it is an upgrade if one of the knobs on the right side of the front panel has a sticker over the original panel markings. I think it is the bandwidth selector switch. The Originals had a squelch control in that position.

The third and final mutation was available only in digital and is called the Omni D Series C

Those are the official names. The street names work like this. The first model is called either the A or D, depending on display. The second model is the B and is usually assumed to be digital. The third model is simply called the Omni C.

Clear as mud?

73 de KD9BO Steve

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