Ten-Tec Manuals

From the Ten-Tec Reflector March 17, 2003


If you notice copies of our manuals for sale as an ongoing enterprise, I would like to hear about it. There have been various instances of this over the several years I have been here.

Ten-Tec does not authorize anyone to be a distributor of our equipment manuals as we continue to hold title to them and make available copies of manuals for virtually anything we have ever built.

There have been instances of Ten-Tec manuals available for sale on CD-ROM - none of these are authorized by us. We have not made copies of our manuals available (to date) in an electronic format.

Of course, a copy of a manual that was obtained from us as original either as a replacement or with a piece of Ten-Tec equipment and sold as a used, original manual as a casual sale is exempted. We are only interested in preventing our copyright from being violated.


Scott Robbins
Amateur Radio Product Manager

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