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1064 Smart Squelch
1200 2m Amplifier Kit, 1 - 5 watts in, 20 - 35 watts out
1201 1201.jpg Desk Microphone Kit
1202 HF/VHF SWR Bridge and Wattmeter
1203 Kit version of the Model 239 Dummy Load
1207 1207.jpg High-Power Variable Capacitor, 40-500 pF, Rated 3.5 KV. Same as assembled Model 80858.
1208 20m to 6m Transverter Kit
1209 2m to 6m Transverter Kit
1210 10m to 2m Transverter Kit
1220 2m FM Transceiver Kit
1222 30 watt amplifier module kit for Model 1220
1225 HF Wattmeter Kit, 2000 watts max
1230 222 MHz FM Transceiver Kit, same features as 1220
1251 RF Counterpoise Kit
1252 Hi-Sensitivity Audio Amplifier Kit
1253 9-Band SW Receiver Kit
1254 Shortwave Receiver Kit
1260 6m FM Transceiver Kit, same features as 1220
1315 QRP CW Transceiver Kit, 15m
1320 QRP CW Transceiver Kit, 20m
1330 QRP CW Transceiver Kit, 30m
1340 QRP CW Transceiver Kit, 40m
1380 QRP CW Transceiver Kit, 80m
1551 Speech Processor
1553 Electronic Keyer
4229 Tuner Kit, 2 KW, Same as Model 229
AA1 IC audio amplifier module
AC1 Convenience kit for MR1 module group
AC2 Keying monitor for MR1 module group
AC3 15 meter converter for MR1 module group
AC6 Add 20 meters and side-tone to MR1 module group
MR1 Module group consisting of MX1, AA1, VO1, and TX1
MX1 Synchrodyne detector-converter module
TX1 Crystal oscillator and power amplifier module
VO1 40-80 meter oscillator-buffer module

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