Paragon II - Dallas RTC Chip

(posted on 11/2/12 by Pete Bertini)

My Paragon II had the original Dallas chips, despite the rig's age the internal 3 volt lithium cells were still viable in both of the Dallas devices. To be proactive, I ordered two replacements from vendors in China. The SRAM chip was already four years old when I received it… old stock… The two Dallas RTC time chips had good date codes, but the internal lithium cells had failed–they both measured 1.80 volts instead of 3.3 volts. If you decide to replace your Paragon II Dallas chips, I'd suggest ordering fresh parts from an American vendor or through Ten Tec, if they have. Adding IC sockets for these two chips might be a good idea for future replacements. If you're brave, the internal lithium battery has tabs and is soldered to pins on an internal IC chip; and can be replaced with a bit of hacking. I'd keep old chips on hand for the day when NOS chips are no longer made.

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