Silence the T/R Relay in a Paragon

From the Ten-Tec Reflector March 20, 2005

Is there a simple way to defeat the auxiliary T/R switching relay RLY 1 on my Paragon? I will never need to switch an external amplifier, and the clicking is annoying when operating CW QSK.

Thanks for the help! 73, Jim K5HO

March 20, 2005

I've just clipped one leg of the driver transistor located adjacent to the relay itself on several TT rigs over the years. It is a simple matter to put a drop of solder on it again if you want to re-enable the relay… Not very elegant, but worked for me.. 73

March 20, 2005

I usually pop off the relay's plastic case and jam a paper match stem between the contacts to keep them from moving. This makes it easy to retro. Steve Ellington N4LQ

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