Omni C "Hang" AGC

The ad shown on the main Omni C page describes the Omni C's new "hang" agc. The "hang" agc was implemented midway in the Omni C production - I know that serial # 3060 does NOT have it and serial # 3400 DOES have it. N4LQ posted additional info to the Ten-Tec reflector in 2002:

"The first run of Omni C's did not have hang AGC the it was added at some point. I have one of the early C's and am blessed with non hang agc. I believe the "hang" feature was an attempt to overcome some the overshoot or popping on strong signals however it could cause you to miss some weak signals if it was hanging while you are tuning across the band. I've traced out the two circuits and there is considerable difference between them. If you have an Omni C, take a look inside at your capacitors. If you have lots of those baby blue plastic capacitors then you have hang agc. If you have the brown capacitors with stripes for value codes, then you have a non hanger."

(from N1EU)

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