Acro-Bat Antenna Hanger Model 3003


Introducing the new Ten-Tec model 3003 Acro-Bat antenna hanger. The Acro-Bat is constructed from UV resistant, high-stability Trirex polycarbonate plastic to endure years of outdoor use. This virtually unbreakable plastic is the same as used by electric companies for covering outdoor electric power meters. Hit it with a hammer - it won't break. All hardware included with the Acro-Bat is stainless steel for rust inhibition.

Acro-Bat can be used to suspend either a ladder line-fed or small gauge RG-58 or RG8X coax-fed wire antenna. It will also accommodate ladder line itself to be used as antenna wire if desired. Pegs internal to the Acro-Bat will hold the ladder line securely in place. Internal screw connections allow solid clamping of the wire antenna to the coax or ladder line feedline itself - no soldering of ladder line or coax feedline to a wire antenna is needed. (Ladder line feed to ladder line used for antenna wire may require this).

Simply attach wire and coax to the screw terminals, and clamp the two sides of Acro-Bat together and you are ready to hoist your antenna. A large hole at the top of Acro-Bat allows easy hoisting of wire antennas by rope. RTV or other sealant (not included) can be applied internally or externally to Acro-Bat for weather-proofing if desired.

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