Calibrator Model 276


Provides accurate determination of the operating frequency by inserting highly accurate signals every 25 kHz into th receiving antenna circuit. Signals are derived from a 100 kHz crystal oscillator that is factory set to zero beat with WWV. A divide-by-four flip-flop produces the 25 kHz signal which contains harmonics that extend to more than 30 MHz. These harmonics are received and when tuned to zero beat, determine the accuracy of the Century /21 VFO dial scale. Powered by the Century/21 transceiver. To identify a given 25 kHz signal from an adjacent one, the 4-to-1 divider can be switched off so the nearest 100 kHz signal can be identified; then the divider switch is turned on again so an accurate signal close to your desired frequency is generated. To identify the calibrator signal on a crowded band, the output is pulsed 3 or 4 times per second. A calibrator on-off switch is provided. Plug-in cable is included.


  • Crystal Fundamental Frequency: 100 kHz
  • Output Frequency Range: 25 kHz to above 50 MHz.
  • Calibration Points: Every 25 kHz or 100 kHz, selectable.
  • Power Required: 9 - 14 VDC taken from Century/21 supply.
  • Semiconductors: 1 transistor, 2 integrated circuits, 1 diode.
  • Size: HWD 2" x 4" x 4.5".
  • Finish: Gray front panel, black pebble vinyl top and side to match Century/21 transceiver.
  • Weight: 1 lb.

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