Model 238 Dial Cord Replacement

From the Ten-Tec Reflector December 5, 2003

The elastic cord which pulls the inductor slide rule dial indicator in the right hand direction on my 238 has worn out. Can anyone suggest a replacement source for this material, that would be quicker to get than having it shipped from Ten-Tec?

Also I would recommend to anyone that has a 238 tuner, leave the inductor set to the high end (right hand side) if not using it for extended periods. That way the elastic string is relaxed instead of stretched out.


Ken N6KB

December 5, 2003


I replaced the elastic band on both of my 238s with miniature stainless steel springs. Gardner Spring, Inc. part # V17C. They are .130" OD x .0162" WD x 4.0" OAL. I found them at a local hardware store (the old fashioned kind of hardware store that has everything). I used doubled 15 lb monofilament fishing line to tie one end of the spring to the left bottom panel screw (same place the elastic cord is tied to), and another length to attach the other end of the spring to the dial pointer. Works perfectly. The spring has a very slight amount of tension on it when the pointer is in the full right position. When the pointer is in the left most position, the spring is fully extended and comes within a half inch or so of the right hand bottom panel screw, so it stretches across the bottom of the tuner.

I went through several restringings of the elastic cord, and finally decided to do something better. No more problems!

73, Charles, K4ZRJ, Woodstock, GA

December 7, 2003

Thanks to all on the many helpful responses to my post regarding replacement of the elastic dial cord on my 238. I used elastic cord again instead of a spring, just because I knew it would work and I wanted to get it done quickly to get on the air in the ARRL 160 test. It is working, though I have some doubt as to whether I really used the right length of cord, since the old one was worn out and no longer a good example to fashion the new one from. I should have read the manual. It gives the specification: 16 inches loop to loop.

Thanks again,

Ken N6KB

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