DC Circuit Breaker Model 1170


Current protection for mobile operation of Century 21 Models 570 or 574. 5 A operating current and 6.75 A trip current. Mount in a 1/2" diameter hole. Manufactured by Airpax Electronics.

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The 1170 is no longer available from Ten-Tec. A replacement is an Airpax T-11 5 amp fast acting breaker (Data Sheet) available from Wards Electronics in Florida, (800) 545-9273. Airpax part number is T11-1-5.00A-01-10A-V.

Additional Information from the Ten-Tec Reflector July 7, 2000

Those breakers were made for Ten-Tec by Airpax. Airpax still makes dozens of breakers…….. the series mfg for Ten-Tec is the Snapak model magnetic breaker.

Airpax breaker part number should be:

T11-1-(required amperage 3 places)-01-10A-V

example: T11-1-5.00A-01-10A-V

  • T11 = Paddle Handle, Single Pole, Series Breaker
  • 1 = "fast" trip (0 =instant and 2 = slow…… 2 is too slow 0 would work fine too)
  • 5.00A = 5 amp
  • 01 = Paddle Handle is Black
  • 10A = Black Knurled Mounting Nut
  • V = Vertical Mount

Enter in the original amperage of the breaker you are looking for and this number should be close if not right on to the original…… Ten-Tec's Paul Clinton told me awhile ago that either the fast or instant breaker would work fine….. I've seen the breakers they sold for the Triton IV and some were fast and some were instant anyway.

Best place to find them (they are hard to find) at the best price ($25 min order - Airpax has a $500 minimum) I've found is: http://www.pocosales.com/


Michael Melland, W9WIS

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