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 ====== HF DSP Receiver Model RX-331 ====== ====== HF DSP Receiver Model RX-331 ======
-{{rx331.jpg?​250|}}+{{rx331.jpg?250|}} {{rx331top.jpg?250|}}
-This is a current production model. ​ Please visit [[http://​radio.tentec.com/​Commercial/​RX331|Ten-TecInc.]] for more information.+===== Description ===== 
 +The TEN-TEC RX331 Multimode HF Receiver ​is a multi mode HF receiver operating from 5 kHz to 30 MHzfully synthesized and utilizing state of the art Digital Signal ProcessingDSP technology brings the performance and repeatability of expensive military grade communications receivers into the more economic range of commercial receivers.
 +===== Specifications =====
 +  *{{rx-331spec_sheet.pdf|Spec Sheet}}
 ===== Related Links ===== ===== Related Links =====
-  *[[http://n4py.weebly.com/|N4PY Software]]+  *[[http://www.n4py.com/|N4PY Software]]

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