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 ===== Related Links ===== ===== Related Links =====
-  *[[http://​www.arrl.org/​news/​stories/​2005/​06/​17/​6/​|ARRL]] Web Article+  *[[http://​web.archive.org/​web/​20050911223706/​www.arrl.org/​news/​stories/​2005/​06/​17/​6/​?nc=1|ARRL]] Web Article ​(from the Internet Archive)
   *{{al_kahn.pdf|Article on Founding Electro-Voice}} (1.7 MB)   *{{al_kahn.pdf|Article on Founding Electro-Voice}} (1.7 MB)
   *{{k4fw_interview.pdf|Interview with Al Kahn, K4FW}}   *{{k4fw_interview.pdf|Interview with Al Kahn, K4FW}}

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