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 +====== Operating the Omni VII with a Bug ======
 +**From the Omni VII Yahoo Group - February 22, 2008**
 +I've been using the same bug for decades on many rigs with no problems until the Omni VII. The input is so sensitive that just the slightest inperfection in the bug's contacts causes erratic dit generation. The cure for me was to solder a 1uf Tantalum capactitor across the bug's contacts. .5uf is sufficient but I was able to buy this tiny capacitor at the local Radio Shack. Part Number 272-1434A.
 +The capacitor will increase the "​weight"​ of the dits. You can open the contacts further until you get the preferred weighting.
 +Go to the Photo album on this group'​s web page to see how I soldered the capacitor inside the RCA connector.
 +Steve N4LQ
 +**February 23, 2008**
 +I read an earlier post on the topic. ​ I connected my 1949 Vibroplex to the Omni VII and observed the double dit syndrome did indeed exist.  ​
 +Once I cleaned the contacts on the bug and adjusted the bug per the following http://​www.vibroplex.com/​original_bug_adjustments.pdf ​ everything calmed down and the waveform on the monitor scope looked quite nice.  ​
 +I then listened to my signal on http://​www.smeter.net/​slc/​slc.php with its delay thus proved my success.
 +My contact cleaning technique is to use a 1/2" wide strip cut from a 3" x 5" index card.  Close the contact manually and drag the strip through the contact area 10 to 15 times.
 +Bob, K4TAX

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