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 +===== Repairing Black Display Screen on Ten-Tec Orion II =====
 +(Bob K8IA posted this info to the Ten-Tec Reflector on 16Dec16)
 +I turned the Orion II on and no screen appeared, just blank/​black. ​ No light visible from the sides or from the front. Meter light and the switch LED's look normal. Screen is black. . . .
 +As of 12/14/16, my Orion II is successfully repaired now, thanks to good
 +friend Kevin W9CF. What had failed was some component(s) on the 12v to 1800v
 +inverter board that powers the cfl backlight.
 +A new inverter board (TDK CXA-L0612A-VJL which is DigiKey part #
 +445-1619-ND;​ about $23) has the radio up and running like new.

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