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SSB or CW, just sit down and operate! Master every feature in a few minutes - no modern rig is as easy to use. Simply plug in the desired band module and work any band 160-10 meters including WARC.







At half the size of other "small" transceivers, SCOUT makes mobile and portable operation a cinch. This travel companion even fits in a briefcase. Try that with other HF rigs! Measures only 2.5" x 7.25" x 9.75".


Revolutionary, patented "Jones" filter. A variable bandwidth 8 Pole crystal filter from 500 Hz to 2.5 KHz. The right filter for every band condition at the turn of a knob. No need to buy expensive accessory filters.


Single conversion and crystal mixing are the foundation of this 90 dB dynamic range receiver. That's the strong signal handling performance of rigs costing 3 times as much!


50 Watts output is enough power to work the world, even for a new ham. And power to spare for the skilled amateur. Runs directly off 12 volts for easy installation in your car, truck or boat. Draws 600mA on receive, 10 amps maximum in transmit. The optional noise blanker reduces ignition noise from both your car and the one that just drove by.


TEN-TEC's exclusive "fls" frequency lock system keeps the VFO virtually drift free regardless of temperature variations. The "RISC" microprocessor running at 5 MIPS also manages the large digital display and built-in iambic keyer.


It's closest competition is nearly twice the price. No other rig offers so much performance at so low a price. SCOUT is the most economical way to get started in HF.

SCOUT is "back to basics" and redefines value for the active amateur yearning for a second rig or the new ham searching for an affordable way to experience the world of HF communications.

Ten-Tec Model no. 555 SCOUT TRANSCEIVER.......... $549.00






Model 801, 160 meter plug-in band module
Model 802, 80 meter plug-in band module
Model 803, 40 meter plug-in band module
Model 804, 30 meter plug-in band module
Model 805, 20 meter plug-in band module
Model 806, 17 meter plug-in band module
Model 807, 15 meter plug-in band module
Model 808, l 2 meter plug-in band module
Model 809, l 0 meter plug-in band module
(28.0 - 29.0 MHz)

Model 937, Power Supply - Matches SCOUT, 115 VAC, 60 Hz input. 13.8 VDC, 11 amp output @ 50% duty, 7 amp continuous. DC output binding posts, Foldback current limiting, over voltage protection.

Model 297, Noise Blanker, effective on ignition and some impulse type line noise, field installable.
Model 296, Mobile bracket mounts on top or bottom of transceiver in 4 positions.
Model 607, Weighted key paddle, single paddle style with adjustable spacing.
Model 701, Handheld mike, eiectret with coiled cord and 4-pin connector.
Model 705, Desk mike, electret with coiled cord and 4-pin connector.
Model 1201 Desk Microphone Kit
Model 291, 200 watt antenna tuner, 'T' match circuit matches variety of unbalanced antenna systems.



MODES: CW, LSB, USB (Normal sideband for the band in use)

FREQUENCY RANGE: All ham bands 160 through 10 meters available through plug in modules. Overshoot at upper and lower edges.

DISPLAY: 4 digit to 100 Hz resolution, .56" LED.

FREQUENCY CONTROL: Permeability tuned oscillator (PTO) mixed with a crystal oscillator for each band.

OFFSET TUNING: +/- 1 KHz nominal – receive

FREQUENCY ACCURACY'. +/- 100 Hz @ 25 deg. C.

ANTENNA: 50 ohms unbalanced.

POWER REQUIRED: @ 12-14 VDC: 600 ma receive, 10 A transmit @ 50 watts out. 4.5 A @ 5 watts out.

CONSTRUCTION: G I 0 epoxy glass boards, most field replaceable. Molded plastic front panel, aluminum chassis, steel top and bottom.

DIMENSIONS: HWD 2.5" x 7.28' x 9.75" – 6.4 x 18.4 x 24.8 cm.

WEIGHT: 5 Ibs, 3 oz - 2.4 kg


RF OUTPUT: 50 watts, ALC controlled, internal adjustment to reduce power to 5 watts.

DC INPUT: 125 watts maximum @ 14 volts, SSB and CW duty cycle only.

MICROPHONE INPUT: 200 to 100K ohms, accepts microphones with 5 mv (-62db) output. Polarizing voltage provided for electrets.


IAMBIC KEYER: Adjustable 5- 50 WPM. Curtis type B, 15% fixed weighting.

CW OFFSET". 750 Hz

METERING: SWR or FWD power, rear panel switched.

SSB GENERATION: Balanced modulator, 9 pole crystal filter.


UNWANTED SIDEBAND: -45 dB typical at 1.5 KHz tone.

THIRD ORDER INTERMOD: 30 dB below two tone @ 50 watts PEP.


SENSITIVITY: .35 uV typical for 10 dB S+N/N @ 2.5 KHz bandwidth.

SELECTIVITY: "Jones" 9 pole crystal filter front panel adjustable 500 Hz to 2.5 KHz (Patent #5051711).

DYNAMIC RANGE: 85 dB @ 2.4 KHz bandwidth at 20 KHz spacing.


NOISE FLOOR: -126 dBm typical

S-METER: Calibrated for 50 uV at S9


NOISE BLANKER: Optional plug-in board

AUDIO: 1 watt @ 4 ohms with less than 2% distortion

SPEAKER: 3 inch