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 ====== About TenTecWiki ====== ====== About TenTecWiki ======
 +The TenTecWiki was established to provide a reference for new and used [[http://​www.tentec.com|Ten-Tec]] amateur radio equipment. ​ With a [[wp>​Wiki]] everyone can easily contribute and keep the pages updated. ​ It is hoped the Ten-Tec user community will join in and make the TenTecWiki a success by adding pages, updating & correcting existing pages, adding photographs,​ providing links, etc.
 +The TenTecWiki was inspired by [[http://​www.qsl.net/​tentec|The Unofficial TenTec Pages]] by J.B. Edmonds, N4NQY. ​ Unfortunately,​ The Unofficial TenTec Pages have not been updated since around 2002.  The TenTecWiki used The Unofficial TenTec Pages as a starting point. ​ Without the previous work of N4NQY the TenTecWiki project would have been impossible.
 +The TenTecWiki is not associated with or sponsored by [[http://​www.tentec.com/​|Ten-Tec,​ Incorporated]].
 +The [[wp>​Ward_Cunningham|inventor]] of the wiki is Ward Cunningham who is also K9OX.  According to one of Ward's wiki pages he runs a Ten-Tec Scout Model [[:555]].
 +  * Alan Sewell ​ N5NA
 +  * Barry Gross  N1EU
 +TenTecWiki Sysops

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