PC Radio Model RX-321


(From a review posted by K0BRA on the AMRAD Tacos mailing list.)

The RX321 was based on the RX320 and was built to specifications for Globe Wireless for a shipboard project. Globe Wireless abandoned the project and new units were sold off.

The RX321 is slightly larger and more robust than the RX320 to accommodate a larger RF front end board that is different than the RX-320 RF front end. It includes a mounting bracket that would facilitate mounting on a bulkhead or table.

The intermod specs are improved. The RX320 is spec'd at 3rd order at +10 dBm while the RX321 is spec'd at +15 dBm. The second order intercept of the RX321 is spec'd at +60 dBM while the RX320 is not specified.

The oscillators are oversized in the RX321 and are spec'd at +/- 10 Hz over 0 to 40 degrees C.

The active antenna included inside the RX320 is gone with the RX321.

The antenna connector is an SO-239 on the RX321 instead of the RCA plug on the RX320.

The DC power is shown as 12 - 24 VDC on the RX321 instead of the unspecified power on the RX320 using a wall-wart. The RX321 includes a power distribution board that was added most likely to clean up dirty ships power.

DC power and the speaker connect via a terminal strip on the RX321. The RX320 uses phone plugs and DC coaxial connectors.

Remote audio line out on the RX321 is a balanced, center tapped transformer.

The RX321 comes with a 120 VAC to 12 VDC switching power supply. The RX321 has a power LED and a more rugged power switch.

The RX321 will operate with RX320 software. The DSP board is slightly different with a different part number and different EPROM identifier.


  • DRM Mod by G7LTT
  • All software that works with the RX-320 also works with the RX-321

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