Power Supply Model 9420

For Hercules II Model 420 Amplifier

General Description

The Model 9420 Power Supply is designed primarily to power the Ten-Tec Model 420 Linear Amplifier. An auxiliary output will also power most HF transceivers including the Ten-Tec Models 560/561, 562, and 585. The supply delivers a combined 100 amperes at 13.8 Vdc. Built-in voltage sensing turns off the supply if the output climbs above 16 Vdc and over current shut down, factory set to 25 Amperes, is included on the exciter output.

The supply is designed for "hands-off" operation and can be placed on the floor or in an otherwise out of the way location.

Circuit Description

(posted to Ten-Tec reflector by Wade KJ4WS)

It is basically Four independent power supplies in one case. Pay close attention to the 4 pin power plug for the Ten Tec Transceiver and the way that the 2 center pins turn the whole power supply on and off. This is the same way the 960 is switched off and on with the Corsair, Paragon and Omni Rigs. The only difference is that the Primary Winding of the 960 is switched on and off and the 9420 uses a remote voltage switching arrangement.


  • Primary Power: Selectable 110/125 Vac at 14A or 220/250 Vac at 7A, 50/60 Hz.
  • DC Power Output: 13. 5/14.5 Vdc at 4 x 25 amps. (20 amps for exciter).
  • Protection: Primary line fuses, over-voltage and over-Current lockouts (from RF deck).
  • Size: HWD 12.5" x 12.5" x 9 25"
  • Weight: 58 lbs.

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