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 +====== 6.3 MHz Filters Discontinued ======
 +**From the Ten-Tec Reflector - February 26, 2008**
 +6.3 MHz I-F accessory filters for the Corsair I/II, Omni V/VI/VI Plus and Paragon I/II transceivers are now discontinued. ​  We are out of stock on 250 Hz and 500 Hz CW filters, some inventory of the 1.8 kHz filter is still available. ​ Ten-Tec will be retailing International Radio 6.3 MHz I-F filters as direct replacements for these rigs in the future; no more OEM filters will be manufactured for the 6.3 MHz I-F. 
 +Unfortunately,​ we're several years past the Omni-VI Plus being discontinued (last rig to use the 6.3 MHz filters) and despite switching suppliers for OEM filters a couple of years ago the wholesale price has been on a steep incline -- coinciding with the sales of the filters slowly tailing off.  The last price increase from our supplier was a deal-breaker and we'll now be retailing the InRad filters as replacements for our rigs that used a 6.3 MHz I-F filter in the future.
 +No other changes for other models of Ten-Tec filters at this time.
 +Scott Robbins, W4PA\\
 +Amateur Radio Product Manager, Ten-Tec, Inc.

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