Paragon MARS / CAP / 60m Mod

From the Ten-Tec Reflector December 8, 2004

On my two Paragon's, the MARS/CAP/60M mod is accomplished by cutting/unsoldering the jumper wire on the logic board (Labeled "HAM") and resetting the processor. The jumper is located directly below the 9 volt memory battery.

NOW, if someone can tell me what/where the mod is on the Paragon II, I would appreciate it VERY much.


Added 6/19/2007 - From the PARAGON Manual: The RESET switch is accessible through a hole located on the right side of the Paragon. This switch is connected to the microprocessor and will cause a system reset when pressed. NOTE: Pressing the RESET switch will clear ALL MEMORIES and will also clear the clock and date information.

December 9, 2004

Same place. Mine was a yellow wire loop labeled HAM and its about 1/3 from the back of the radio on the right side. Not sure what the board is, but it works well.

73 Rick

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