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 +====== Paragon AGC / RF Gain / Audio Stage Mods ======
 +**From the Ten-Tec Reflector December 26, 2002**
 +Here are some mods that I just put into my Paragon (I):
 +If slow AGC is too fast for you, pull the IF/AF board and change C46 from 10 uf to 22 uf. Fast AGC is unaffected. If  22 uf makes it too slow, try 16 uf. I'm trying 22 uf, for now.
 +My RF gain control has always been touchy: Crank it back below 12 o'​clock and the signal level abruptly drops to nil. Here's a fix to
 +improve it:  On the IF/AF board, change R47 from 4.7 k to 10 k. Also on the POT board connect a 22 k resistor from the high voltage side of the RF gain POT to the wiper.
 +If you Paragon audio stage oscillates when using the internal speaker, check connector 57 on the sidetone board for a poor connection on the shield ground. Make sure the shield is tight in the plug, and check the socket for tarnish I put a little De-oxit on the connector pins and mated and unmated the connector several times to wipe the contacts clean.
 +If you ever remove the sidetone board, make sure that you don't forget the plastic shoulder washers that insulate it from the chassis. If toy ground the board, it will cause a ground loop resulting in audio hum.
 +Bob WB2VUF

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