Orion Internal Power Adjustment

From the Ten-Tec Reflector October 9, 2006

There are three adjustments on A5 board (under speaker):

  • R20 marked "PWR" calibrates forward power measurement
  • R21 marked "REF" calibrates reflected power measurement
  • R179 marked "ALC SET" calibrates actual output power

Adjusting R179:

  • connect external power meter and dummy load;
  • set TX power to 100 W using MULTI knob;
  • press TUNE, then PWR and adjust "ALC SET" for 100 W on the external power meter.

According to the schematics, A5 board is the same as on original Orion.


Sinisa YT1NT, VE3EA

July 17th 2021

The information regarding potentiometer R20 is not correct. R20 is actually used to set the AM carrier level output. A side effect is that it influences the power indicator. Regards Onno pa1ap

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