Orion 565 LCD Replacement Addendum

post to Orion reflector Mar 16, 2012 from N9NX

Following the V2 mods and PA1AP's excellent file on this I had the LCD swapped in about 20 minutes. Only trouble was on power up my screen was pure blue with no alphanumeric's. Now this is not my first experience taking apart electronics (Please see my bio on QRZ).

After pulling it apart I noticed that the wiring of the small circuit board attached to the ribbon cable of the LCD was different than pictured in PA1AP's LCD replacement PDF. If you look at the file and check the 3rd picture labeled Orientation of the cable you will see that the ribbon cable has a blue stripe on it. It is toward the back of the circuit board. The female connectors are on the other side and mate to the males on the logic board. The one I have has the stripe away from the back of board. If you attach this to the logic board the way you would think it should be attached pin 1 and 14 are swapped and no alphanumeric's. I had to mount mine with the LCD circuit board close to the logic board basically upside down if you like. It sits roughly and 1/8 inch above the logic board. I put electric tape on the board to isolate it from the logic board just in case. Now I have a nice bright screen and no more blotches. I hope this information helps anyone replacing an LCD in the near future.

(comments posted to the TT reflector 11/2/12 by Denton WB7TDG)

I received a new lcd display, battery and regulator board..since I had to replace one of the bulging filter caps on the original regulator board thought would replace it with a new one. Since my Orion is fairly old, replacing the battery was a no brainer to me.

Removing the old lcd was pretty easy…used a wooden pencil to gently pry the boards apart…man, sure are a lot of pins between those two boards!!

Replacing the new lcd and alinging the pins was a major PITA!! Next time I wll use some tall bolts, without heads, threaded into the holes in the cpu motherboard and use them for a guide for alinging the pins on the new lcd board-

The new lcd came with a cable that is installed in lieu of the old lcd's multipin plug….as per the articles in the below wiki website, one must pay close attention to cable installation…and I would suggest re-reading the instructions several times, as in my case the blue strip on the connector ribbon dictated that the ribbon cable needed to be installed upside down from what one would think would be normal connection. I also clipped about 1/8 inch off of the pins on the cpu board where the new ribbon cable installs, as per instructions I got with the new lcd from TT.

On the reguator board, there is a dip with cable that goes normally to the lcd. It is a 20.5 vdc line…do NOT connect this cable! There is only one 2 pin socket on top of the regulator board, so it is kinda hard to miss.

I also installed a 10 ohm resistor in the red wire going to the backlight to better the contrast on the new lcd.

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