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 +====== Orion DRM Mod ======
 +**From the Ten-Tec Reflector August 12, 2005**
 +I have done (and it works well) using the open source DReaM software (which I couldn'​t find in binary form the last time I looked on the web).  I think there may be licensing issues for the binaries.
 +As for connection between the Orion and PC, it was very simple. There is a cable that routes the 14 kHz IF from the sub-receiver board to the DSP board. It uses TMP style conectors, as do all the RF/IF cables in the Orion. There is also a TMP socket on the inside back of the Orion which goes to the SPARE phono jack on the back of the Orion. It's just a few centimeters from the 14 kHz IF socket on the sub-receiver board. I built up a short Y cable with a TMP plug on each end and a TMP socket in the middle. I unplugged the 14 kHz IF cable from the sub-receiver board and ran my Y cable from the sub-receiver board to the Spare connector. Then I plugged the 14 kHz IF cable into the TMP socket on the Y cable. ​ I ran a cable straight from the SPARE phono jack on the back of the Orion to my sound card input. This required no soldering on the Orion and is completely reversible. At one point last  year, TenTec was talking about making these Y cables and selling them, but I've never heard any more on that.
 +I understand that the original commercial DRM software (which appears to be no longer be available from DRM.ORG) used a 12 kHz IF so you had to adjust the Orion'​s tuning to compensate for the 14 kHz IF, but the DReaM software has no problem finding the DRM signal at 14 kHz. I just tune the sub-receiver to the indicated frequency of the transmission. ​ When propagation is good, the signal quality is excellent. I found that with my OCF 160m dipole (Carolina Windom 160), signals were sometimes too strong for good reception. If you have a good signal, but have trouble getting it to decode, try reducing RF gain.
 +**August 13, 2005**
 +It took a little digging, but I found it.  The software if lumped with  two WinRadio versions and it is the third version shown on the page.
 +Look at: http://​www.winradio.com/​home/​download-drm-2.htm
 +Dave Heil K8MN

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