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 ====== Orion Internal Contrast Control ====== ====== Orion Internal Contrast Control ======
-**From the Orion Reflector April 3, 2006*+        ​Remove the Orion’s covers (4 #2 Phillips and 18 #10 Torx screws ) 
- +        ​Turn on the Orion and confirm that the software CONTRAST in the OTHER menu is set for 50% (This is the factory default value.) 
-The internal contrast needs to be set. This control ​is accessible through ​small hole on the  bottom ​right of the front panel (looking from the front) with the bottom ​ cover removedSet the internal contrast to 50% and adjust this control ​for proper contrast. +        ​Set the Orion on your bench with the bottom side facing up 
- +        ​* ​The hardware CONTRAST adjusting potentiometer ​is located in a hole about an inch back from the front panel on the bottom ​side of the Orion near the MODE buttonAdjust ​for best display.
-73,\\  +
-Paul R. Clinton\\  +
-WD4EBR\\  +
-Service ​ Manager+

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