Fix for Arc Fault Errors when using Orion with Acom amplifiers

In late 2004, there were discussions on the Ten-Tec reflector about the occurrence of Arc Fault errors when using the Orion with Acom amplifiers (esp. 2000A). It seemed that the Acom arc fault detection circuit was sensitive to low level, low frequency spurs in the Orion's transmission. The fix is to put a highpass or bandpass filter in-line between the Orion and the Acom. Ten-Tec provided a model 2203 highpass filter for this purpose. Its specs were -3dB @ 1.1MHz. A Dunestar 400-HPF will also eliminate the problem.

Ten-Tec later switched from bipolar to FET transistors in the PA driver and the problem disappeared. This change was incorporated in the Orion II and may (?) have been incorporated in the latest production (2005-2006) Orions.

There is also an internal mod to fix this problem. See info on DJ0IP Web site

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