Using the Omni 6 TX EN/OUT QSK Loop with Acom Amplifiers

UPDATE: I implemented the change below and I am still getting "Detected RF Power at Wrong Time" errors in SSB about 10% of the time (not CW). I tried all methods of connecting the Omni 6+ to the Acom 2000A and couldn't get around these occasional errors during SSB xmsn. I am waiting for a solution from Acom, but I'm not sure if the Acom and Omni 6+ is a good match. My Omni 6+ runs fine with my Alpha 99.

Although the Omni 6+ can be used with the Acom 2000A by enabling the relay in the menu and using the relay output, it's preferable to perform a simple mod to the Omni 6 Control Board that allows the TX EN/OUT qsk loop to fully function. Remove the Control Board from the chassis, unsolder/lift one end of R26 as shown, and add the circuitry in blue below. The MOSFET is available from Digikey as part number VN10LP-ND

(based on info provided by Acom Bulgaria for the Paragon and adapted for Omni 6 by N1EU - component reference designators were corrected)

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