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-====== Omni V Mushy Sidetone Mod ====== 
-**From the Ten Tec Reflector October 30, 1996** 
-The sidetone on my Omni 5 was mushy, especially when using a bug. Dots were run together and rather erratic. The factory mod to cure this called for isolating the sidetone'​s circuit from ground with nylon washers and cutting the shield on the cable to connector 80. This had already been done to mine and had no positive effect. After a spending some time with the scope, here's what I did: 
-Remove the sidetone'​s mounting screws and insulating washers (if any). Turn the sidetone board over and using a single edge razor, cut the foil as close as possible to the "​monitor out" lead. Solder a .01 mfd capacitor across the cut. Solder a .002 mfd capacitor from the "​monitor out" pin to the ground foil. Reinstall the board leaving out any insulating washers. ​ 
-What you have done is simply inserted a capacitor in series with the "​monitor out" lead which provides d.c. isolation between the sidetone and a.f. boards. The .002 capacitor may not be necessary but I felt the extra bypass was prudent. 
-Steve Ellington N4LQ  Louisville, Ky  

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