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-I posted this to the Ten Tec group on Contesting.com regarding the fix for my digital display issue on my Corsair II.  The original problem was a "​frozen"​ display...ie the tuning knob did not change the frequency on the display, but it was obvious that the receiver was receiving properly and was varying the frequency while I tuned the main tuning knob.  On power off, then power on, I was left with a completely blank display, except for the decimal indicator, otherwise the radio was normal. ​ The repair involves replacing a faulty capacitor, C6 (2.2 uf electrolytic),​ on the digital redout logic board (81246). 
-The follwoing post to the Ten Tec reflector was in July of 2007, and the fix described in it has been totally successful...(now Jan 1st, 2008 and the rig is still perfect). ​ The original fix was described by KG6TT, so all credit goes to him.  I found his information by doing an archive search for "​Corsair II display problem"​ on http://​lists.contesting.com/​archives//​html/​TenTec/​ 
-Moderator, if this deserves a separate listing from the Intermittent LED fix, please feel free to move this post...it seemed appropriate here for those seeking repair suggestions on the digital display. ​ I hope this helps someone in need. 
-To: tentec@contesting.com 
-Subject: [TenTec] Thanks to KG6TT, Corsair II display problem solved 
-From: VE5AEA <​hutchinson@yourlink.ca>​ 
-Reply-to: Discussion of Ten-Tec Equipment <​tentec@contesting.com>​ 
-Date: Wed, 04 Jul 2007 17:32:29 -0600 
-List-post: <​mailto:​tentec@contesting.com>​ 
-Jerry (and the list), 
-You've saved my Corsair II a trip back to TN with your writeup on the  
-replacement of the C6 capacitor. ​ I recently had the display freeze up  
-just after the RAC Canada day contest, and powering off the Corsair and  
-then back on left me with a blank display (save for the decimal point).  ​ 
-A quick scan on the list archives revealed the identical problem and  
-potential solution. Trying the easy fixes first (cleaning the jumper ​ 
-connections) didn't help.  What did work was replacing C6 on the logic  
-board with a fresh 2.2 uf cap.  Solved the problem and its been perfect ​ 
-now for the past few days.  Kudos to you sir... 
-73 Dave 

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