Scout QRP Mod

From the Unofficial Ten Tec Pages

Here is the method that I have used with great success to easily modify my two Scouts for instant QRP/QRO operation.

  • Remove the bottom cover of the Scout.
  • Locate the power control potentiometer (there is a hole for it in the bottom cover).
  • Locate the wiper of the pot.
  • Carefully solder a small diameter wire to the wiper at the board.
  • Solder a 390 Ohm resistor to one terminal of a minature SDST switch.
  • Solder the end of the wire to the other end of the resistor.
  • Connect the other lead of the switch through another small wire to a convenient ground.

Electrically that is all it takes. I set my power pot. to give me 40 Watts in the high power position, when I throw the switch in the other direction I get 4 Watts.

Finding a place to mount the switch is tight. I found just enough room by centering a 1/4 inch hole (use a pilot drill first) on the "KEY" marking on the rear panel. That puts the switch close to the inside edge of the chassis.

73 de Dave, K1OPQ in NH.

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