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 +====== Argonaut V Meter Needle Sticking & Replacement ======
 +**From the Ten-Tec Reflector July 26, 2007**
 +Got meter replaced & all is fine now.  I did find a very, almost invisible, fine piece of metal that was causing the sticking problem on bad meter. ​ It was on left side of magnetic sticking up enough to cause problems. ​ Chip, N3IW, said he had same problem with his. It was just too small to see while mounted in rig.
 +You do have to take apart a plastic meter to remove the guts, but it only took me a few minutes to do that.  The hard part is getting the old one out.  The meter is held in a special plastic mount, that you will need to order also, that has tabs that are melted to hold meter in place on circuit board. ​ I have a very small 15 watt pencil size soldering iron for that job, but still was a little tight to melt the tabs so meter could be removed. ​ You could remove top circuit board which would made it easier to burn off the melted tabs, but steady hand & good light I avoided doing that. 
 +I mounted mine different than Ten Tec. I did not want to go though, if I have to in the future, to remove the melted tabs which destroys the plastic mount. ​ So I placed meter on mount, which by the way has two tabs on front that factory melts also to hold meter on mount, & pushed through circuit board. ​ With face plate on I could see that it was pressing against those two front unmelted tabs.  Since the meter had to be pushed pretty hard on those taps I decided to just trim them enough so they would just rest against the face plate. ​ I used a Dremel tool to trim 1/16 inch off tabs so face plate now lightly pushes against meter mount holding to circuit board. If I run into this sticking problem again it will be easy to remove meter & clean or replace.
 +Meter is $4.65 & mount is 60 cents.
 +Thanks guys for your help!
 +Reed  W4JZ

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