Triton I Model 510



  • Covers all Ham bands from 80 thru 10 meters (plus WWV)
  • All circuits are permeability tuned for permanent calibration, with direct frequency readout within 2 kHz of the closest calibration point.
  • Modular contruction
  • Automatic sideband selection (reversible)
  • 100 Hz stability
  • Shipping Weight 15 lbs.


  • MOSFET front end provides extremely low internal noise
  • 0.3uV sensitivity
  • Bandwidth is 2.5 kHz with 1.7 shape factor
  • 100 kHz pulsed calibrator
  • Offset tuning has a defeat switch and indicator light
  • Built-in speaker in bottom couples to air column formed by raising the front
  • Less than 2% audio distortion
  • "S" meter


  • 100 watts input power
  • Lattice-type filter with hot carrier diodes give excellent discrimination and balance
  • Automatic Level Control keeps power output contant under high driving conditions
  • Panel light indicates when output stage is operating in the ALC region
  • CW monitor sidetone is fully adjustable for level
  • Full CW break-in allows monitoring the band while transmitting
  • 12 - 14 VDC
  • Built-in SWR bridge

Additional Information

Triton I & II Catalog Listing - 1 MB

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