Final Transistors for Argonaut 505

From Ten-Tec Reflector July 18, 2001

I am currently repairing a Ten Tec Argonaut 505 transceiver. The final transistors are 2N2631's. There are no replacements in the ECG semiconductors. Are there any other transistors that will work. Any help would be appreciated.

Ron, AA5NI…….

July 19, 2001

The Motorola RF Device data book suggests a 2n3553 as a direct replacement for your 2n2631.

RF Parts lists them for $3.95 to $6.75 each, depending on manufacturer. Hope this helps.


July 19, 2001

Some time ago, the original transistors used in the 505 became obsolete, it was said. The Ten Tec list reported the 2N3553 could be used for a replacement final, (two are required). But, the once common 2N3553 is also hard to come by.

I notice on Questlink, a EE resource web page, that Philips Semiconductors are listed as manufacturing the 2N3553. Hopefully, they still distribute them. Philips is a world wide manufacturer, thus there should be many distributors scattered around with this product.

Hope this is helpful, and you might file this if you are interested in 5w class RF transistors. This one is a can type transistor. Not sure if it was TO 5 or TO 39 size, but anyway, you get the idea.

-Stuart K5KVH

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