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 {{310outer.jpg?​150|}}{{310inner.jpg?​150|}} {{310outer.jpg?​150|}}{{310inner.jpg?​150|}}
-This is a current production model ​Please visit [[http://​store.tentec.com/​accessories/​|Ten-Tec, ​Inc.]] for more information.+===== Description ===== 
 +Model 310 cooling fan assembly ​is an external accessory cooling fan for HF transceiversHole-free attachment to transceiver rear heat sink via 4 allen screws13.8 Vdc powered. Suitable for use with these Ten-Tec ​transceiver models: TRITON III, and IV, OMNI A/B/C/D, DELTA 580, CORSAIR, CORSAIR II, JUPITER, PARAGON, PARAGON II, OMNI V, any OMNI-VI, OMNI-VI PLUS, OMNI-VII, ORION, ORION II, PEGASUS.

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