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-**From the Ten-Tec Reflector November 9, 1999** 
-For those wishing to "make their own"​.... 
-I checked with the mfgr of the optical encoder (Oak-Grigsby) included in the kit out of curiosity. ​ They are a special order item (not stock). An order of 30 would cost  $41.14 each........ much larger orders can drop the price as low as $16.65 each.  Just thought I'd mention it.  Oh yeah..... delivery time is 12 weeks. ​ Singular replacements I'm sure are available from Ten-Tec <​grin>​. ​ Wish I could get a group buy...... 
-[[http://​www.oakgrigsby.com/​|Oak-Grigsby,​]] ​ [[http://​www.electro-nc.com/​products/​900index.shtml|90Q125-02-00245 900 series optical encoder]] 
-73 de Mike, W9WIS 

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