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High-tech simplicity, base or mobile. Here is a compact, lightweight amplifier that offers a combination of unique features that can only be achieved using modern solid state technology. Instant on, 12-14 Vdc operation, no-tune broadband final and compact size. Add to that lightning fast QSK cw, remote control, superb linearity and a low drive requirement. Outstanding!

The HERCULES II is attractively styled to match the CORSAIR II, PARAGON, and OMNI-V, OMNI-VI, and OMNI-VI Plus transceivers. Auto band switching with the OMNI-VI and OMNI VI Plus transceivers with the optional model 236 cable. The front panel includes an analog multi-meter for collector current, voltage, forward power and SWR. A 10 element LED bargraph display indicates peak output power. Band selection is made from the front panel switch or remotely controlled through a rear panel connector. A front panel speaker is built-in.

The optional Model 9420 115/220 Vac power supply is in a separate utility enclosure and connects to the RF deck using a 6 foot power cable. An additional 20 amps at 13.8 Vdc is provided to power a 100 watt exciter.

General coverage operation from 160 through 15 meters. (Through 10 meters after authorized modification.)

The HERCULES II is the ultimate in simplicity, ease of operation, versatility and reliability. And best of all, it is affordable!

Another proud product from Ten-Tec.




Operating Frequency Range: General coverage 1.6 to 22.000 MHz. Modification for 22.000 to 30.000 MHz is available for authorized users.Coverage is in seven bands which are front panel or rear panel remote selectable.

RF Power: 1000 watts input. 500/600 watts output, depending on frequency and load impedance.

Drive Power: 65 to 80 watts typical for 500 watts output.

Distortion: -35 dB from 500 watt output level.

Harmonics: -50 dB typical.

Input and Output Impedance: 50 0hms unbalanced, < 2:1 SWR

Cooling: Internal forced air, rear panel exhaust.

Metering: Switch selectable forward power, SWR, Icc (collector current) and Vcc (Voltage). Ten element LED bar graph displays peak output power.

Primary Power: RF deck, 12 to 14 volts at 100 amps, maximum.

TX/RX Switching Time: 10 ms or less.

Duty Cycle: 100% typical Amateur service. 10 minutes maximum continuous key-down at 500 watts output.

Final Amplifier Transistors.' Eight MRF458, or equivalent.

Protective Circuits: Over-voltage and overcurrent lockout. Front panel "OVERDRIVE" light.

Front Panel Controls: Multi-meter control switch. power on-off switch and band select switch.

Rear Panel Connections: RF in, RF out, DC input. TX/RX control jacks and remote control socket.

Size: HWD 5.25" x 12" x 14. 5".

Weight 15 lbs.

Ten-Tec Model no. 420 HF Amplifier.......... $1395.00






For mobile installations with the Hercules II remotely mounted. Compact size (HWD 1.5" x 6.25" x 4") allows the remote head to be installed at the transceiver. Functions include ON/OFF, QSK or VOX/PTT control, band select with band indicator LEDs, 10 element LED peak power display and "FAULT" indicator. Unit includes mounting bracket and 12 ft. cable, terminated to plug into the Hercules II rear panel remote control connector.





Model 9422 DC power adapter cable for mobile or fixed station battery power. 14" length with 12 pin Molex that connects to the amplifier and heavy terminal lugs for positive and negative battery connection.


Housed in a separate utility enclosure and remotely controlled through the 6 foot power cable. 100 amperes at 13.7 Vdc is provided. 80 amperes for the amplifier and 20 amps for the exciter. An alternate power supply can be a heavy duty, deep cycle, lead acid battery and an automatic 10 amp charger. This low cost alternative power source will support the Hercules II during sustained amateur service.


Primary Power: Selectable 110/125 Vac at 14A or 220/250 Vac at 7A, 50/60 Hz.

DC Power Output: 13. 5/14.5 Vdc at 4 x 25 amps. (20 amps for exciter).

Protection: Primary line fuses, over-voltage and over-Current lockouts (from RF deck).

Size: HWD 12.5" x 12.5" x 9 25"

Weight: 58 lbs.

Ten-Tec Model no. 9420 Power Supply.......... $749.00

MODEL 264.

A combination "Y" (Molex connectors) and 4 ft. extension cable for adding a second device to the automatic band select information line. This cable required, in addition to the Model 236, if both the Hercules II and Model 253 automatic tuner are used.

MODEL 236.

A combination "Y" (25 pin "D" connectors) and 4 ft. extension cable far connecting the Hercules II for remote control from a Paragon, Omni V, Omniv VI or Omni VI Plus
transceiver. Provides a second 25 pin "D" connector for connection of second device such as a computer.