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 {{rm-588.jpg?​150}}{{rm-588-w9ac.jpg?​100|W9AC'​s Installation}} {{rm-588.jpg?​150}}{{rm-588-w9ac.jpg?​100|W9AC'​s Installation}}
-This is a current production model. ​ Please visit [[http://​store.tentec.com/​amateur/​transceivers/​588|Ten-Tec, Inc.]] for more information.+===== Description ===== 
 +Omni-VII Rack mount hardwareOmni-VII Rack mount hardware Model RM-588 19" rack mounting hardware for the 588 Omni-VII transceiverUsed for mounting Omni-VII into a 3U opening standard 19" rack. Mounts to the sides of the transceiver case. All necessary hardware included

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