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-====== Difference Between the Omni A, B, & C Transceivers ====== 
-**From the Ten-Tec Reflector October 7, 2001** 
-The Omni A and Omni D are only different with regards to the display. The Omni A is an analog display, the Omni D is a digital display. 
-The original Omni was not a series B. You could call it a series A but since there was no series B yet it was never called this.  It had no provision for additional IF crystal filters. ​ All the switchable filters were just audio filters. ​  It also had a squelch control. 
-Then the series B came out.  It added a board that allowed you to add 2 additional crystal filters. ​ The switch for these filters replaced the squelch control. I believe an optional noise blanker was also added at this time.  These radios had 10 mhz receive 
-and there was an option to add 10 mhz transmit and 24 mhz transceive. 
-Finally, the Omni C came out.  It was logically a seris C but it was never called this.  It added the 18 mhz band to fill out all nine bands. ​ It also allowed better control over the audio and crystal filters by having a separate switch for these. It also added and XIT control in addition to an RIT control. The Omni C only came in digital so one could call it it an Omni D series C 
-although it was never actually called this. 
-Carl Moreschi N4PY 

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